The Optimal Well-Being Blueprint: Foundations of health and peak performance

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This pdf ebook offers a comprehensive foundation for peak performance and optimal well-being. The chapters include...

1- Positive Psychology: Ingredients of an Actualized Life

2- Toolbox of the Master Practitioner: How To Grow a Skill Set

3- Knowledge is Power: The Art of Reading Comprehension and Retention

4- The More You Give, The More You Receive: Tools for Productivity, Output, and Entrepreneurship

5- Food, the Fuel of Life (Plus other optimal health tips)

6- All is One, One is All: Spiritual Principles which Serve our Well-Being

About the author: Hardcore Yogi is a passionate polymath who specializes in yoga, health and well-being, sustainability, and hip hop music. You can explore his hip hop music, written blogs, and videos at Come and join the movement for individual and global health.

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