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A Few Ways To More Happiness

Be kind to people. Appreciate people. Proactively seek their beautiful traits. Let their positive traits touch you and teach you. Let them know how you feel about them.

Do a little bit of movement every day. Not a strenuous workout (unless you want to), but simply have “movement snacks” throughout the day. Do a movement you enjoy. It will provide more energy, motivation, relaxation, and a better mood.

Journaling. Write down on paper your intentions for the day, both the doing and the being. Remember to live out the doing and the being throughout the day. Even check items off the list.

Progress is the best medicine. Pick at least one practice/skill/project you enjoy. Do a little work every day, and improve a little every month. Progress is one of the most intrinsically enjoyable things in life. Become a ninja of your craft.

Do a small meditation between task, even just ten minutes. After you’ve worked hard on a task, relax, unwind, take in nice deep breaths, show a subtle smile, and feel peaceful satisfaction. Then you will be ready for the next focused task, with renewed stamina and direction.

Food. Eat healthy and also eat foods that you LOVE! Find meals which hit these three criteria to the max: Nutritious, Delicious, and Satiating. You can create so many meals like this, in either sweet or savory, using wholefood ingredients J. It’s easy once you practice: Delicious and Nutritious. Plus eating more plant-based meals (but still with protein and fat), will benefit the environment and your soul J.

Get out and do new things. Stagnation and monotony can kill the soul, whereas novelty, freshness, and adventure can renew the juiciness of life. It will leave you with more inspiration once you return home. Always budget and/or plan for adventure.

Learn to meditate. And I mean REALLY learn to meditate. Learn about the proposed benefits of meditation and the "how-to" techniques. Find a philosophy of meditation that you truly understand and resonate with. It is literally one of the best practices you can possibly do when you learn how to do it right, in your own way. In short, the most pronounced benefits of good meditation are calmness, presence, focus, and happiness. Perhaps even creativity and memory too. Plus there’s a whole host of positive brain changes which have been scientifically mapped.

Reflect on gratitude. You always having something to be thankful for. Hone in on what is going RIGHT for you, and leverage that.

Reflect on your values. What type of person do you want to be?

Reflect on your future vision.

Stay consistent and disciplined in your endeavours. You will begin to reap the rewards of the paths you are following.

Understand the transience of all life. Enjoy what you have right now, because the human experience is very short, and very rich despite its pain. The richness can outshine the pain if you focus on the transience of this natural miracle.

I hope you pick at least two or three of these and take them away. Start watering them every day, and watch them grow. Much luck, much love.

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