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A hack for a great morning: keeping your phone on aeroplane mode

Another great hack: keep your phone SWITCHED OFF (or on aeroplanes mode) while you go through your morning routine (movement, meditation, journaling about the day). Only THEN should you turn your phone on. When you’re trying to get off to a killer start to the day and start your day (and life) proactively, the LAST thing you need is to have your nose buried in the distraction of Facebook. The morning is your sacred time, to find stillness, quiet, and proactivity.

This also means you need to get up EARLY ENOUGH to fit in those activities (movement, meditation, journal about the day), before you start your commitments for the day. These days I am no longer afraid of getting up early, I am MUCH MORE AFRAID of waking up not having time to go through my “winner routines”. So no matter how early my work shift, I make sure I get to sleep early enough so that I can wake up early enough to WIN THE MORNING, and WIN THE DAY.

In summary

- Win the morning, win the day.

- Great routine: movement, meditation, journaling.

- Keep your phone off until you are done with the routine.

Peace and love.

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