• Hardcore Yogi

A lesson I’ve learned about budgeting and finances.

The best things to spend money on: books, education, fitness memberships, travel, tools for creativity.

The worst things to spend money on: drug habits, eating-out habits, material decorations, gadgets/toys you barely use, subscriptions you barely use.

Essential things to spend money on: Food and bills lol. Yet minimising these is useful.

I recall Tony Robins once said, “$1 spend well is better than $10 000 spent wrong”.

It also comes back to the pale of the senses. Chasing materialism and hedonism is such a trap. Materialism

becomes a religion. Base material pleasure is shallow and short lived. The greatest pleasure comes from more subtle pleasures, like knowledge, skill, meditative states, spiritual states, creativity, universal love, and health from the ground up.

There is no short cut to these highest pleasures and states: even drugs bring you up then take you down, like all other hedonic instruments. The only way to a potent and sustainable happiness is disciplined activity. And I think that spending money the right way, investing in growth-experiences rather than objects and pleasure, is a great technique for personal growth.

All the best fam.

PS, I am keen to write more about base pleasures vs higher/enlightened pleasures at some point. Stay tuned :)

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