• Hardcore Yogi

Addiction, Sobriety, and The Differences in Between. A guide to all addictions big and small.

I am making this video after a few weeks of indulgence, and recently returning to my optimal self. Here is an overview of topics covered.

My backstory for making this video. The recent context and causes for using a substance, including both the surface level and then the deeper level. It gets juicy, as I explore the personal and universal causes of addiction.

My observations in comparing and contrasting sober living verse living with a substance. The differences it brings to one’s state of being and lifestyle.

Tips for how to overcome habitual cannabis use, which is the substance that I struggle with. Also debunking the myth that cannabis is a totally benign and healthy plant. No, it really depends on the person, the strain, and the medical conditions present as to whether it will be medicinal or destructive.

A pretty vulnerable share, and perhaps a loaded topic. Oh well. This is my truth and I believe in this message enough to put it out and stand by it. I know it will help some people.

Sending love and light. Namaste https://www.facebook.com/trent.odonnell.52/videos/5448875408471648

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