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Best Hangover Cure: Well one method anyway.

Haha, last night at my friends party I nearly drank a whole bottle of wine, and I drink very rarely, lol. I ended up crashing on their couch for the night.

I hear that a hangover cure (in people’s minds) is to eat some greasy food. I had another idea. Here is my method:

- Fast for half the day

- Intense Workout

- Meditation

Any seediness evaporated in sublime fashion. Feeling fucking amazing. lol.

Our body is DESIGNED to remove toxins. It’s an inherent function. The two activities of fasting and exercise, especially when stacked together, will skyrocket your detoxing so you don’t even remember what a toxin is. Next time you’re hungover, TRUST ME, this will evaporate your symptoms way quicker and better than oily food first thing in the morning.


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