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Capitalism, Symbioses, and The Natural Way

We must become symbionts of natural systems, not parasites of natural systems.

Knowing the ground where we live. Giving and receiving in the ecosystem. In harmony with nature’s way. Breathing in the earth and the sky.

Parasitic activity causes disease in the host.

Capitalism is largely a parasite.

Feeding off the earth and humans, capitalism seeks to expand and grow.

While capitalism does help meet some human needs, it sucks up a lot of energy and recourses from the globe, ie the host organism. Parasitic capitalism does not replenish the recourses it takes, nor does it provide net-benefit to the host. It is consuming and replicating at a very fast rate, yet it is not in balance with the host ecosystem, ie the earth and natural order.

In fact, capitalism damages the host organism in a big way. 78% of old growth Forrest’s have been chopped down. Ocean acidification is rising. Decline in biodiversity. Clearly our activities have affected the globe. Capitalism promotes short sighted, opportunistic self interest. It does not factor in natural whole-system advantage. It does not aim to support the host. It is not in symbiosis with the host or the natural ecosystems.

Human economics should aim to be more symbiotic with the earth. This means less private ownership and more access. It means more renewable energy. It means automation. It means digital tracking of earths ecosystems. It means the end of intellectual property and the emergence of open source collaboration. It means meeting all needs from a local level. An economic system which sees itself as a symbiont to a larger system. Planet Earth.

P.S, maybe a Recourse Based Economy should actually be called Planet Earth Economics LOL!

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