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Connection to God is good for human health

Connection to God is good for human health

If you don’t have much connection or understanding of God, that can cause several problems in my opinion.

Those who are materialistic (in vanity or metaphysics), atheist, agnostic, hard-nosed rational skeptics who deny God, or even just everyday people who get too focused on the rat race of secular materialistic hum-drum society.

When you lack connection or interest in God, you may be prone to several things.

More ego, more attachment, reactivity, fear, rumination and depression. Even an existential angst or some other existential issues.

But when you know God, and you know that this human life is but a unique blip in an endlessly renewing and ever creative life-force energy, which creates countless forms in the infinite void of eternity, you can be a bit little less reactive.

In touch with the magic of nature and the ineffable intelligence behind it, you find many gifts. More peace. More joy and splendour. Detachment to specific outcomes, yet connection to everyone and everything. Trust. Faith. Love. The sense that this life has merit and value, yet is inconsequential in the grand scheme and not worth fretting hairs about. This life is a gift from God, and there are many more gifts (and pains) to be had...for eternity.

A life without God is one of nihilism and delusion. A life with God is anchored in truth and beauty. I know which one I prefer. And God is not a belief system. It CAN BE, but God is an actual metaphysical reality, which can be experienced through study, meditation, prayer, and psychedelic medicine.

I wish you all the best in connecting to God. I am always open for chats on this topic 🙂. Much love, Namaste.

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