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Covid 19, Social Change, and Creating Your Own Reality

Updated: Jan 18

There has been much speculation about covid and what it all means. I have seen many “conspiracy theorists” and doctors alike poke holes in the validity of the virus, and the validity of the government measures of control. Conversely, I’ve seen plenty of people who believe that the virus is real and deadly, and that their government is acting in the best interest of the people. Whatever your opinion is, this message can apply to you. I have seen the triggering of much fear and divide. Some people fear the movements of a totalitarian government, who will take your freedoms away unless you take their injection. Some people fear becoming ill or deceased by a highly contagious coronavirus. I believe that the biggest pandemic in the world right now is fear. This is where I bring in the work of Abraham Hicks. It seems relevant, and has been on the forefront of my mind since reading her book, “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent.” Abraham is a spiritual teacher whose flavour is about creating your desired life with the power of thoughts and feelings. She goes deep and I resonate with her work a lot. She says that while we are physical entities, we are extensions of the non-physical, the divine, the Godly source energy. How creation works, is that God, our true self, pokes his head out in a million and one tendrils. Everything conscious; every planet, blade of grass. It is all a manifestation of that One eternal source energy. She says that we humans are on the cutting edge of thought and creation. And that our desires are natural, beautiful, they are the impulse of creation coming through the cosmos. This is how reality functions: each extension of source, or living being, enters the environment and experiences contrast. This contrast naturally gives rise to preferences. These preferences naturally give rise to desires. When we have a thought about our desire, we start drawing it in. Here is the law of attraction. Everything, including thoughts and feelings, are a vibration of energy. Vibrations on a similar frequency attract each other. As you build momentum in thinking, acting, and feeling a certain way, you start attracting experiences that are similar to your vibration. Why do people not always attract the things they want? A big reason is focusing on the lack of their desire rather than the presence of it. For example, instead of focusing on your incoming money or relationship, you are focusing on the lack of it here and now. You can tell where you’re at with this by how you feel. If you feel bad, you keep swinging from thoughts of your desire to beliefs about why you can’t have it. When you shift your beliefs into why you can have it, that you WILL have it, you start feeling excited and happy. Sustain this energy and the desire is yours. Now back to the global situation and fear. Do we want to focus on the dystopian scenarios that are not aligned with us? Or do we want to focus on the reality that we DO want to create. A reality with healthy and resilient people, people who can speak their voice and unite in their power. Who can keep their governments accountable, who can transform government with enough thought and action. Or perhaps people who can transcend their government by getting back to the roots, living self sufficiently, or any combination of the above. Create your own reality. Create our collective reality. Focus on the reality you will bring forth. When we do this collectively, the world can be a more harmonious place. Thank you for listening, Namaste 🙏

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