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Crowd Funding Campaign- Publishing my first full length book, Handbook of a Modern Yogi

Hey friends and fam. I am excited to announce that I have completed the manuscript of my first full length book- Handbook of a Modern Yogi. I finished it a few months ago, but took some time off to travel. It was deeply needed, after a year or two of VERY disciplined and consistent living. Such is needed to produce a work like this. You must get every lifestyle variable in alignment, to show up for the main event of each day, which in this case was writing at 4am. Even ask my previous house mate Pesche Bechter .

I once heard that you need structure to be creative. I can testify to that.

I am super excited to bring this work into the world, yet I may need your help. Nothing extraordinary gets accomplished by just one man: a team effort is always required. We are nodes in a network. Synergy and emergence.

It costs roughly $10,000 AUD to self-publish a book to a high professional standard. More details of quote on the link provided. I am willing to throw my own money at it, yet may require assistance to materialise this vision in a reasonable time frame. Especially because I intend to study ZenThai Shiatzu next year ($), which I believe will greatly empower my yoga teaching path. To draw connections between fields is the path to profound wisdom.

So what am I asking for, and what am I willing to give? Crowdfunding works in a simple way: You donate money to fund the project, then the producer repays you with a copy of the project or other prizes once it is completed. For $20 or $30 you can get a digital or hard copy of this book, with shipping included!

Regardless of who supports this cause, I will be getting it done son no matter what. It is my life’s work. A meaningful life is not characterised by ease and comfort. Each man must have a goal worthy of him. There is a relationship between the level of effort and the level of meaning. At the start, the goal justifies the effort. By the end, the effort justifies the goal. This is true of me completing this book. And I hope it is true of you reading it.

So much love and gratitude, and the infinite giving and receiving. Abundance mentality Mofos!

With Love, Namaste

Link to the fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/f/handbook-of-a-modern-yogi-self-publishing?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet

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