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Energy in Motion, Addictions and Growth

Some of what is written here is common knowledge and common sense. Yet when you place common ideas together in just the right way, it can ring a certain chord to create positive insight and change.

Let us begin with energy in motion. Tony Robbins famously said, that emotion is energy in motion. This means that when you increase the energy levels in your body, you also lift your mood, emotion, and thoughts/mindset. For example, if you go for a short jog, you will dust away your fatigue and be left in higher energy, emotion, mindset and clarity. So often, our mood is directly proportional to the energy levels and health within our body. There is a physiological basis to mood. The quality and quantity of energy in your body at a given point in time is your “energy in motion”, or “emotion”. Another word is “state”.

Let us now move to addictions and growth. Certain inputs have the ability to decrease or increase our “energy in motion”. For example, the other day I ate a big lunch, then drank a soy flat white straight after it. I noticed my energy levels and mood decrease. This is because the digestive load of the beverage outweighed the stimulating affects of the caffeine. I had overloaded my stomach. I then felt flat and craved a sweet, even though my stomach was full!

In essence, addictions are an input which has the ability to drain our energy in motion. When we feel the deficit, we then crave the next stimulating input, to temporarily uplift us, followed by the next crash. This is a vicious cycle. And don’t think addictions are limited to just one substance per person. We can have a constellation of addictions, swinging from vice to vice like monkeys on a vine, seeking some comfort and upliftment from our perilous state.

Luckily, I have found several practices which quickly heal a lowered state. After doing these, our energy in motion feels good again, and we can regain the positive momentum of growth-based behaviours. Practices which reset our energy in motion include:

- Napping for 20 minutes

- Bathing

- Physical movement

- Meditation

You may stack all of these after each other, or pick and choose one or two at a time. You will learn what you need at a given point in time.

I don’t want to seem like a “health nazi”, saying we can never indulge in a sensory pleasure from time to time. I think it is part of being human to enjoy these things on occasion. But what I do want to protect us from, is getting on the hedonic merry-go-round of addiction, which ends up depleting our life force, well-being, and ability to experience the highest pleasures. I want to provide awareness of the connection between inputs, energy in motion, addiction, healing practices, and growth. When we understand how these dynamics work within ourselves, we can make choices which are life-giving. We can walk the path of our highest potential, while indulging in pleasure WHEN WE WANT, to the extent that is healthy and joyous.

May we find balance, self-regulation, and wholeness. May we find the path to our highest potential.



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Much love and light.

Much Health.


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