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Epic 90 Minute Yoga Practice, with Miscellaneous Insights.

Today I did a solo 90 minute Yoga Practice. In addition to teaching a class lol. But solo is always best for diving deep.

My practice included:

Asanas: 60 Minutes Pranayama: 20 Minutes Meditation (Mantra Chanting): 10 Mins

It was a full blown creative flow state. I did some things I’d never done before. Here are some of the VERY enjoyable insights (which I journaled on pen and pad).

If you want to have a creative yoga session, try a few things you haven’t done before.

One key aim of yoga is to balance both the masculine and feminine forces in the body.

Masculine forces: Straight lines and right angles, strong, reductionist focus.

Feminine forces: Curvy lines, supple, holistic focus.

I also discovered part of my life purpose: “Open EVERY energy channel. Walk around in a state of high vibration and infinite creativity”.

If you want to book me in for a yoga sesh or any other sesh related to life and spiritual development, send me a message. Even whether it’s in person or in skype.

Chat soon. MUCH LOVE. Namaste.

PS, Fb live coming this afternoon!

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