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For Those Who Are Considering Getting into Yoga: Here’s the pep talk which may nudge you into it.

This is a message to those who have been interested or thinking about doing yoga, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

The message I want to communicate here, is that getting into yoga is so worthwhile, and I want to explain exactly why in the simplest most succinct way possible. Let’s cut straight to it.

Yoga is so good because it heals basically any negative emotion or negative energetic state. How so?

Basically, any negative emotion is a blockage in the energy-body. When I say energy-body, I’m referring to the internal flow of energy and sensations within the body. When we feel a negative emotional state, it’s usually due to some tension or blockage in the energy body. Our negative, fearful and false thoughts often create this reaction in the body.

Yoga is a way of freeing the energy body. When we stretch our body into full ranges of motion, and breathe through the tension, we free the blockages of our energy body. We are left feeling energised, relax, fluid and free. It’s almost like we don’t have a body (or mind) anymore, it is just blowing with the wind.

Yoga restores a sense of balance, harmony, ease, and contentment. When the energy body returns to this state, the mind follows suit, and we see our problems with renewed clarity and acceptance.

This is why yoga is so totally fantastic, in a nutshell. It relieves our energy body of negative emotions, blockage, and tension. It restores an energised, fluid, calm and accepting state. Next time you feel shit, try it. You don’t have to be special to experience this. Anyone can. You may just need enough practice to really find your fluid Centre in each pose and breath.

If you want to do some yoga lessons hit me up on Facebook messenger 🙂. Or email.

I hope to see you on the mat. Or at least hear from you that you’ve been on the mat. The whole world will be better for it.


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