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Giving Your Highest Service Is The Gateway to Infinite Well-Being and Abundance

The best feeling ever is when you pour EVERYTHING you can into a given day. Do you recall those days when you hit off your entire to-do list with potent loving precision, and in turn, you gave all you could to the world? These days are special. These days are the peak of our existence.

Giving your very best in a day is the ultimate martial art and the ultimate spiritual practice. It strengthens your body, mind, heart and soul in a way that no other practice can. I sense that this practice of “highest daily service” up-regulates every key neurotransmitter and hormone in a profoundly holistic way, simular to qigong on steroids. The act of giving your all provides a potent upgrade to your system.

 This act of giving all you can is also the ultimate spiritual practice. This is because you are serving the surrounding cosmos in the highest expression of who/what you are. Such an act is simultaneously self-aggrandizing and humbling, because while you are a powerful agent and super-high expression of life and love, you also see that you are a spec compared to the world which you are serving. Sensing your simultaneous significance and insignificance is a transcendent state of power, unattachment, and freedom. And it all begins when you serve with the highest capacity of your being.

This practice of highest-daily- service also strengthens the classical spiritual virtues of vitality, love, and wisdom. These virtues have roots in qigong. The ancient Chinese qigong-practitioners identified three main energy centres in the human body, also named dantians. We have a lower, middle, and upper dantian, located near our pelvis, heart, and head. These three dantians are associated with our levels of vitality, love, and wisdom.

The practice of giving your highest service every day will directly strengthen and develop each dantian, because put simply, the act of service requires vitality, love, and wisdom. It is a two-way street. Practicing service will strengthen your faculties of vitality, love, and wisdom. And inversely, you will dedicate yourself to training your vitality, love, and wisdom, SO THAT you can be of your highest service. As you move further and further into your highest service, you will shed everything which compromises your vitality, love, and wisdom. Goodbye to cigarettes, junk food, guilt, shame, and distraction. You will shed every impurity on your way to the highest expression of what you are- The embodiment of your highest service, highest purpose, and your highest levels of vitality, love, and wisdom.  And it all begins when you serve with the highest capacity of your being.

Your highest service and purpose is the infinite wellspring of well-being and abundance. I don’t mean abundance in the sense of, “Look how much money I have.” Rather, you BARELY need money at all, or any external comfort for that matter. You are already completely nourished; Not by the external things you take in, but by the internal gifts that you outpour. The soul is not nourished by what it receives, but by what it gives. The outflow of goodness and assistance, whether through physical, mental, or emotional means, is the ultimate sustenance. We each have a unique way of outpouring this service, but we are each nourished all the same.

And so I lovingly encourage us to live out this day in highest service, leaving nothing in the tank. I understand that we may not live out the PERFECT day right off the bat. We each have a finite amount of energy, will-power, focus, organisational ability, and self-regulation within a given day. But as we consciously practice our best efforts from day to day and really push the envelope, we will learn more and more about how to manage our energy, will-power, and self-regulation. We will get to know the rhythms of our own energy and moods as they ebb and flow. We will gain a mastery at managing our energetic output, meticulously scheduling the daily rhythms of output, flow-state, rest, recovery, reflection, and loving-thankful-fun times. We will learn our unique daily-formula for GIVING the most to life AND GAINING the most out of life, in a way that is sustainable, varied, and fun.

Best of luck my loves, thank you for resonating on this path with me. I look forward to learning from you and exchanging our vitality, love, and wisdom.

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