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How to Workout with MORE FUN, MORE GAINZ, and LESS injury

Do you have resistance to exercise?

I've certainly had resistance to exercise, particularly heavy squats before I learned good technique (although my squats today still aren't very heavy, but my technique is good!). This video gives some great insights about making exercise MORE FUN, while making MORE GAINZ, and experiencing LESS injury and fatigue. Some key ideas they cover include...

- Don't push to highest exertion each session, rather, only do half of your highest intensity or max reps. This will allow you to train every day and feel good every day, which will equal a much higher volume of exercise over time, and thus more gains. * As my own caveat, still progress the difficulty over time (dah?), but nonetheless train below your max and focus on technique.

- Focus on "flow", meaning you find the level which is not so hard that it stresses you out, but not so easy that you are bored. You challenging yourself in a way that is pleasurable, creative, and fun. This too will allow you to keep coming back to training. "Training should be addictive, it should be a pulling force. Can you imagine if training was addictive? Everyone would be fit"

- When you train at the right intensity (aka not destroying your body), training actually increases your energy levels rather than diminishing it".

There's more stuff in there too. Enjoy your training! :)


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