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I love The Milkcrate- The Finest Piece of Technology Known to Man

You may wonder, “How is it the finest piece of technology?” After all, we are comparing it to smart phones, laptops, and wifi routers. But the milkcrate is superior because it is the most wholesome. Tech gadgets are fancy, but they are also a double edged sword, with their steady stream of radiation and blue light. Not to mention the AI grid that is trying to monitor, market, and manipulate you, to the end of corporate and government agendas. The milkcrate however is analogue, harmless. You can take it in the middle of the bush with you and it won’t disrupt your sleep.

Consider the structural integrity by comparing it to a chair. You would have to be a clown to try and change a lightbulb by standing on a chair. Those bastards can crack a leg from under you quite easy. But standing on a milkcrate with your feet on the edges is solid. My friend Ahvela has stood on my milkcrate several times.

And lastly, consider the versatility. They can be a desk for your notepad or laptop. A table for your plate of food. A laundry basket. A storage box. I’m even considering laying a yoga mat across them and using them as a bench press. I’m unsure though; maybe I would need a plank of wood for this.

My milkcrate brings all the girls to the yard. So let us give a shout out to Geoff Milton, the inventor of the milkcrate. Let us show some love and appreciation for this fine resource. And if you want your own, hit up the milkman. I can be the milkman.


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