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“Ideal Hobbies” or “Dream Hobbies”.

“It includes the skills you’ve always wanted to learn, and perhaps have or have not gotten into yet. For a lot of people it may include learning another language, a musical instrument, painting, dance, yoga, martial arts. It’s your biggest interest outside of work and family. Having such an interest will enrich your life and your mind/body in vast ways.”

- Micheal J Gelb, paraphrased, How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci.

Some point after reading this I thought, “Saving the world is a great hobby. And this largely involves learning about the world.”

So learning about the world (every subject) with the intention of helping improve the world is a pretty epic (or even lofty) goal and hobby, lol. But it is a very wholesome hobby. Whatever way you go about it.

And in addition to that, I would back Micheal Gelb in saying that those fun and curious hobbies we have will enrich our life. They are a form of therapy, a medicine for mind and body, a pathway to development on many levels.

So be sure to keep your hobbies, adopt new ones and stick with old ones, learn and connect with people.


PS, image is a design of Leonardo da Vinci’s.

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