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If You are Weird, Own It

I’m actually realising that I’m a weirdo. I see other people, especially young couples, tuned into this frequency of “normality”. They are tuned into this frequency that is similar to the rest of the main stream populous. I’m not saying it’s good or bad. It’s just common.

I am not in line with that frequency. I actually realise that I am a weirdo. I AM a genius. But also a weirdo.

When I speak about this weirdness, it’s largely energetic and mental. An energetic archetype. Yet after giving it some thought I figured out some of the behavioural ways I am weird. If you are weird, perhaps you can outline the weird behaviours YOU have which are different to the populous.

Some ways that I am a weirdo:

- No bullshit food

- No alcohol

- No TV or Netflix

- No News


- Reading ALL the time.

- Yoga and Movement all the time. Even intermissions at coffee shops.

- Meditation all the time.

- Affirmations all the time.

- Chant and song.

- No strong job prospects or employee identity

- Not much $

- Yet HIGHLY ambitious, skilled and talented in my brand as “Yoga Teacher Neo-Sage Life Coach”.

- Not even getting amazingly epic results in that field, yet still epically talented.

Haha, this post is a little self indulgent. But that’s because it started as a kind of therapeutic journaling session, then I realized it may have some benefit to people, so I broadened the content and uploaded it.

The main message I want to give is: If you are a weirdo: Recognise it. Appreciate it. Unique strengths and eccentricities can be leveraged.

When the herd is going one way, it’s time to go the other way.

Often the best way to get good results is to do the OPPOSITE of what other people are doing. But in an intelligent way. lol.

Ride your freak flag high.

Much Love.


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