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In Flow Out Flow Shoulder-Stand Exercise

In Flow Out Flow Shoulder-Stand Exercise.

Footage: https://youtu.be/pDlQhPvE8E0

This may look like an effortful practice, but it is not. Using the breath, plus correct posture, we can make this movement effortless. Each repetition of breath moves us toward two extremes. Each “extreme” position, in this case the 1) shoulder-stand and 2(legs near the ears, plow pose, we find a point of rest, stillness, balance, energetic lift or release.

When we breathe in we lift the leg/s to the sky for shoulder stand. When we exhale we sink the leg/s back down near the ears (plow pose). We inhale and exhale, going up and down. The movement from shoulder stand to plow pose and back becomes effortless, just like breathing. This is because the inhale is energising/starting the movement upward to shoulder stand, then we pause, then exhale the leg/s sink down and the spine compresses. Inhaling exhaling, expanding and compressing, will create a re-enforcing movement pattern which feeds into itself. It’s like being fueled by a wind (the breath) rather than muscle force. There is a big benefit to this: You feel a lot more qi flowing though body mind and spirit afterward. You feel tingly and awake, sensitive. Vital energy has been circulated through the body. This is because oxygen is a key nutrient for the flow of vital energy.

The summarising point of this exercise, is to show the Power of moving your body through breathe, more so than pure muscle force. Doing repetitions of inhale exhale, move this way move that way, can help us create a flow of movement and breathe, and thus a great flow of vital energy (which is inherently healthy for the body).

Enjoy this little routine, perhaps on the end of another yoga session. Namaste.

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