• Hardcore Yogi

It’s Ok To Be in Limbo

Life happens in chapters and phases.

In short, there is limbo, the beginning, the middle/peak, and the end.

Some phases of life have lots of action, productivity, and achievement toward a prized vision.

In these stages of life we feel very in flow.

Yet chapters come to an end, and then we enter the in-between phase of limbo.

In this stage, there is less clear vision, action, productivity, and external purpose.

There are healthy ways to move through your limbo phase. Take time off. Slow down. Be in nature. Enjoy your solitude. Self care, and let yourself find more stillness. Reflect on the lessons you’ve learned from the past chapter. Process any grief or loss, then transmute it. Start contemplating what inspired directions you could take next. But don’t rush. Allow yourself to really introspect and self-care during limbo. Even pick up hobbies you don’t often get to do.

Avoid temptations and distractions, like too much ice cream, porn, TV, and smoking weed everyday. These activities may push you deeper into unconsciousness, getting you in a rut. It is best to maintain all your faculties during this phase, so you can process and release the old, heal productively, and be inspired by the new. You and the world deserves that.

I don’t say this from a high horse. Rather I say it as someone who has come off the horse, gotten back on, and looks to share the journey with others.

Sometimes the more personal a problem is, the more universal the problem is.

Sending love. May we remain as the light and keep getting after it on our journey.


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