• Hardcore Yogi

Knowledge and meditation: the salt and pepper of human development

I think both knowledge and meditation are necessary to live the greatest life. These practices support each other very well.

If you only chase knowledge, you may get overwhelmed by your massive accumulation, and get confused with what to do with all that information.

If you only meditate, you may become a space cadet: isolated in your own little bubble of non-dual states.

Where do these practices intersect? When you meditate, the mind becomes calm, still, and renewed with clarity and vibrancy.

Now that you are happy, and focused, knowledge becomes the useful thing to do with your meditative mind. Read, write, acquire and synthesise knowledge.

Then when the fatigue finally sets in, move your body and meditate again. Your mind is now renewed with the clarity and vibrancy, ready to implement the best of your knowledge.

Meditation and knowledge can be a great ebb and flow. Like an on and off switch. Exertion and re-fueling. Bouts of physical movement also go well in the mix.

This ebb and flow is a foundation for self-regulation. It creates self mastery. But moving away from the self; the knowledge you attain can serve all of humanity.

Good luck with regulating yourself, attaining the meditative mind and systemic knowledge.


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