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Masculine and Feminine Insights

I have been having some fascinating adventures on the topic of masculine and feminine. Here I will list the various insights I’ve had recently, in no particular order. This is more opinion than fact, but it's still fun and useful to think about.

We all have the stereotypical image of masculine being sharp, jagged, powerful, aggressive, results oriented. Feminine being rounded, flowing, creative, radiant, all about love. I think these images are very true and useful.

Most often masculine energy is dominant in a male body, and feminine energy is dominant in a female body. This is typical, but not always the case.

I heard this woman Joanne Shakti say that there is not one spectrum of masculine and feminine. There are two spectrums. One is the masculine spectrum, and how much you are engaged in that energy. The other is the feminine spectrum, and how much you are engaged in that energy. To me, this means that a man with low masculine energy does not necessarily have high feminine energy. Likewise, a man with lots of masculine energy could also express high amounts of feminine energy at times, if he wants. And the same goes for women. There are two spectrums, not one.

Yet it’s good to know what your core is, and which one you truly prefer to be. There are four questions which can help you see it quite easily. 1- With a lover, do you like to be taller or shorter? 2- Do you like to be stronger than your lover, or your lover stronger than you? 3- Do you like do the asking out, picking up, and taking out, or receive all that? 4- Kissing against a wall. Which position are you?

If you know which one you prefer at your core, its good to focus on developing and that and engaging with that on higher and higher levels. I DEFINETELY prefer the masculine energy. If you are like me, Youtuber Captain Sinbad said that masculinity historically carries three traits. I resonate with this. 1- Physical strength. 2- Doggedness, or gameness. Courage to get up and compete. 3- Mastery, skill, resourcefulness. A man can develop his masculinity by developing these three things. There many contexts where one can do this. My own note: add semen retention/no-fap into the mix, and you will have excess aggression to pour into these things. I say that from experience, lol. Just be careful, it can be get very manic, so ensure you have good outlets for extra sexual energy.

David Daida speaks about his view of the masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is about breaking past the barrier into freedom. With this comes blissful nothingness. The feminine is about embracing and connection. With this comes love and wholeness. This model can be useful if you’re looking to develop masculine or feminine energy.

Yet male and female aside, yin and yang energy is all throughout nature, including every organism whether it is male or female. Yang is the principle of explosive energy pushing outward, yin is the principle of opening up and receiving. These are vital functions on many scales of life.

It can actually be really good to develop or explore the opposite of what you are. I have had some phases where I engage more in feminine energy than usual, and it’s super helpful and insightful. For example, I would approach lots of girls but rather than seeing it as a numbers game, I would try and have a true open-hearted connection, regardless of what the outcome is. I would also start to think much more intuitively, seeing big-picture creative flows of truth, rather than asking questions and crunching the numbers. I felt that engaging in the feminine more made me more radiant, vital, and relaxed, which actually empowered my masculine go-getting. Yet I know its very clear I prefer the masculine energy. I truly want to dominate. Not others, but myself. I am the master of this domain, albeit if is only this mind and body.

One last thing I will share is the idea of dark and light masculine and feminine energy, as shared on Project Life Mastery. The dark masculine is aggressive, dominant, competitive. The light masculine can be a leader and a gentleman. The dark feminine is wild and sensuous. The light feminine is cheerful and radiant. It is best to engage mostly in the light, yet you need to cultivate some of the dark, because sometimes the sexual polarity wants that.

In short: Masculine climbs dominance hierarchies. Feminine comes together and relate sover feelings. Both Make Music.

May you enjoy your exploration of both poles, and have the maximum potency for whatever you prefer. Yet also acknowledging we are a unique blend, and it’s about finding what is authentic more so than societal. GETIT. Experiment. Namaste.

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