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Meditations, Visions, and Imagination

One thing I’ve found VERY interesting after meditating for several years and making gainz, is that I see visions pop into my awareness. Literal visual images, often moving, sometimes static. This is especially true in deep meditative states.

These are not visions which someone told me to visualise, on a recording of a guided meditation.

Rather, they are spontaneous images that arise by accident. Yet they are very coherent and beautiful. What the f? lol.

Meditation must engage some part of the brain linked to imagination. I am yet to look into this, but am very interested to now. Does anyone know much about this?

The real trip from deep meditation, is when you come out of it and realize that all of LIFE IN GENERAL is but one of these visions. Albeit a persistent one for the time being.

Life is literally DREAMLIKE, meaning it has no pure substance. In a very real sense, the perception of the moment IS the Actuality. This comes back to the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism, stating that reality is fundamentally mental, existing in the mind of God, which is Pure Consciousness. Yes, physical matter may still exist in this lifetime, but this arose within the mind of God. It’s a matter of which is fundamental, and which is secondary. The Mind over Matter debate has been going since at least the Enlightenment Scientific Revolution, if not before. But when you access deep meditative states, and explore Consciousness Directly, you can observe certain structures and principles which make up reality within your life. It is like the scientific method, but focusing on internal states rather than external states. I will also admit that Concsiousness Study is more feminine, holistic and feeling, compared to mainstream scientific observation, which is more masculine and reductionist.

But coming back to the main point here, which is questioning the fascinating connection between deep meditative states, brain activation, IMAGINATION, and vision. My research question is: The connection between meditation and imagination within the brain.

And then, how do we integrate this, to cultivate more visions and integrate them into “real life”, remembering that real life is VERY similar to these visions from meditation.

Can we overlay fantasy like visions and statements into life, with very REAL affect, if we slip into the right brain state/ state of consciousness, and operate from there?

I feel like I’m reaching a long way into something deep and mysterious with this topic. Mmm. If you think of any interesting additional references to share, let me know!

Thank you.


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