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Methods for Clearing Negative Emotions

I think that experiencing strong negative emotions can actually be very healthy, especially when you learn one or several modalities for “clearing” negative emotions and then integrating the lesson. Afterward you can actually feel much better than before! Now if someone is experiencing strong negative emotions frequently, I would agree that is not ideal and I wish that person well in getting the right help to solve that problem. But occasional negative emotions are an opportunity to observe, understand, release the energy and then integrate the lesson. Some modalities for clearing negative emotions may include,

- Clear Your Shit (by Dane Thomas).

- Journalling: What happened, why did I react that way, what does it show about me, and what attitude change or situation change do I need to adopt?

- Yoga, to clean and clear the energy blockage.

- Breathework like Wim Hoff Method, to stimulate and then relax the body.

- Meditation and manta, particularly a mantra relevant to your “healing”, like an affirmation of loving kindness and wishing people well.

There are probably many more techniques. If you know a good one please mention it!

All the best in being emotionally balanced. May we live healthily so that our emotions are in the right range. And then when triggered, may we be masters of processing and releasing the emotion, taking the lesson.

Thank you for reading my process lol. All the best. Namaste.

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