• Hardcore Yogi

Our Humanity

The most beautiful we thing we have, is our humanity.

It’s the only thing worth defending to the end.

What is “our humanity”?

To me it is an openness of the heart.

Gentleness. Kindness.

To love other people.

Not for the sake of how you can use them.

But to love them for their intrinsic goodness.

What is the opposite of humanity?

I see it as extreme levels of competitiveness.

Zero Sum.

Strategic thinking.

Status seeking.

Limiting how much you feel, for the sake of dominance and personal glory.

These things are not inherently evil. They are useful when in balance.

But the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others, is to retain our humanity.

To not shift too far from the collective.

To see all humanity as one family.

That is the essence of retaining our humanity.

Sometimes it is the painful experiences which teach us these lessons.

Where there is pain there is gain.

Everything has cracks. That is where the light gets in.

May we retain our humanity. May we continue to love one another.

Namaste. Much Love.

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