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Our Life Purpose is to Synergize With Nature and Each Other

I believe that each of us are here to develop a meaningful and purposeful connection to All Of Life. Both You, and The Entire Web of Life, are here to proliferate each other's existence. This is done through a dynamic and symbiotic relationship, whereby you and the rest of nature offer mutual benefit to one another, that you couldn't get on your own.

This idea of symbiosis and mutual benefit is found all throughout nature. It is what moves the arrow of evolution forward. Whether we look at atoms, cells, or ecosystems, what we find is individual units who interact with other individual units. When enough different units come together, and interact in a harmonious, ordered, mutually-beneficial manner, they create a new system. This system has new properties, WHICH NONE OF THE INDIVIDUAL UNITS HAD! One example is a cell which breathes, even though none of the molecules within it can breathe. Another example is a human that speaks in English, even though none of the cells within him speak English. In short: When different units come together in a mutually beneficial relationship, they give rise to new systems which have new properties. This occurs all throughout nature; different units coming together in complex unions, giving rise to new units and new unions, and up and up it goes along the scale of greater complexity, differentiation, and deeper consciousness.

In this sense, the universe as we know it is somewhat of a love story. Each individual gains more by interacting with other individuals, rather than staying on its own, isolated. Connection and relationship is the arrowhead of evolution. It is where we came from, and it's where we are headed. It's ultimately what we're here to do.

It appears that the purpose of each system (including you and I), is to offer its unique capacities to the rest of the world, as to create the maximum mutual-benefit for itself and every other part of the surrounding system. This is synergy, and it will lead to the creation of brand new things.

Unfortunately, humanity isn't really following this principle of synergy. As Daniel Smachtenburger said, "We don't have a humanity, we have humans bumping." While each cell in your body does what is best for itself AND every other cell in the system, we humans are not doing that yet. We are in conflict with each other and the biosphere which houses us. This is largely due to our economic system, which is founded on competition, differential-advantage, and linear extraction, where we pull from the earth and turn it into pollution at exponential rates, while allowing billions of people to live in poverty so the winners of the game can drive around in shiny things. Humans are not synergistic with nature yet. We are destined to either self-terminate, or create a radically new system where every agent in humanity is adequately informed and incentivised to act in accord with every other agent in the biosphere, thus creating maximum mutual-benefit for all. We have the technology to do this, according to some great thinkers. Look into “recourse based economies”. A system of worldwide synergy would likely boost quality of life for all humans.

To conclude this writing, I hope that this message helped to clarify your purpose and darhma. May you find deep fulfillment as you roll out your unique gifts, creating synergy in each relationship, each community, and the WHOLE globe. Much love, best wishes.

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