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Personal Ambition, Love and Loss, and Finding Balance Points

Personal Ambition, Love and Loss, and Finding the Balance Points

The universe has taught me to fall in love with someone, give them all my assistance, and then let them go as they must.

There is no other option. To withhold love and assistance is not an option. To withhold acceptance of letting someone go is not an option.

Love is the opposite of possession. It is about only giving freedom. You must give and give. For its own sake. The soul is nourished by what it gives.

There may be pain. But it’s still worth it. As I said, there is no other option.

Well, back to my militant strategem and status seeking. There is a time to have emotion. It is healthy. But then there is a time to limit emotion, for pure goal-seeking and achievement. The purest mastery.

As Tiger Woods once said, “Winning solves everything”.

I will open my heart again. And I’m glad that I did.

But for now, it’s back to winning.

I will be the most mind blowing (and first) Yoga Teacher Neo-Sage Life Coach to touch this earth.

Perhaps I already am.

Thank you to my love for showing me the power of vulnerability.

And now I return to the power of ambition and personal strength.

May we all find the balance of masculine and feminine; The seeking of independence and personal power, yet open to connection.

To love and love again. Yet always keep winning.


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