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Pillars of The Good Life: Be Strong, Be Loving, Be Wise

Be Strong: Keep your vital energy healthy and vibrant. Move forward on life. Take action, be productive, be sociable; your creative impulses mingling with the world.

Be Loving: Be kind to people. Give thanks for what you have. Have positive intention and good will. See and feel the beauty of existence, with its unbounded unity.

Be Wise: Knowledge plus Experience equals Wisdom. See knowledge of how things work, how life works, and how your field of mastery works. Seek knowledge on living the good life. But we must also seek experience. Put knowledge into action. See the results. Wisdom is our ability to absorb information, apply it, and then reflect. It’s our ability to make the best choices.


Tips on how to grow...


- Physical training

- Healthy Habits

- Good Sleep

- Designing goals then executing

- Training in a craft and getting better.

- Mindset: Optimistic and motivated.

- Flow States

- Meditation

- Desire and intent


- Gratitude reflection

- Fun activities, like art, sports, games, ect.

- Friendship, family, community.

- Purpose. Personal Growth. Service.

- The pursuit of knowledge and consciousness. “The most conscious are the most loving”.

- Mysticism and Self Transcendence. Seeing that we are all one, and seeing the mysterious beauty of existence.


- Journal: to reflect on what you want, and how to get it. Also to reflect on what you’ve been learning and reading.

- Reading: Read books on your chosen craft and life in general. Articles can be good but books are the best. Follow the topics and content which intrigued you.

- Action/integration: We must apply what we learned, to see it in motion and progress in our craft.

- Meditation: Helps to optimise the Brain, calm the emotions, and stabilise the focus.

- Exercise: The best nootropic supplement there is!


Implement some of these activities, to purposefully cultivate more strength, love, and wisdom. Such is the good life.

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