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Pure Consciousness vs Higher Consciousness: A Useful Distinction.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

So we can explore “pure consciousness”, ie the absolute, nothingness, emptiness, Pure Potential, Pure Light, infinity, God. it is here right now yet beyond here and now, imminent and transcendent.

Though we can also explore a slightly broader concept: “higher consciousness”. This can also be called “connecting to the higher mind”.

“Higher consciousness” contrasts to “lower levels of consciousness”, because “higher consciousness” goes beyond our reptilian survival drives, and sees past the narrow-minded pragmatic concerns that go along with petty survival.

Perhaps early in the morning or late at night, when our desires and impulses are at rest, we access the higher parts of our mind. That which looks beyond our own perspective, to contemplate the experience of others, to contemplate the truth and nature of reality, and to look at the big picture of what is important and what is possible. These visions go beyond our everyday petty concerns. Grievances are more manageable when we are in touch with the magic, wonder, and curiosity of existence.

Through this lense, “pure consciousness” and “higher consciousness” can be distinct. While “pure consciousness” is a metaphysical being and universal truth, “higher consciousness” is like the Euros of the human mind. It is the “pro-life” drive, the erotic and loving drive, to know more and to be more.

To help reconcile the connection between pure consciousness and higher consciousness, here is a hint: “higher consciousness” and “lower consciousness” both exist WITHIN “pure conscious”, because “pure consciousness” is existence itself, the Absolute, which can be all things yet is not restricted to them.

Enjoy exploring pure consciousness and higher consciousness.


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