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Release to Release- Male Ejaculation, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I suppose this relates to my last post about sexuality. It’s about releasing the dogmas on each extreme, and finding that dynamic balance of what is truly best.

So with ejaculation. On the one hand we have what is common in society; Arguably far too much ejaculation, several times per week or daily, with unwholesome accompaniments like porn, intoxicants, or shallow lust-based interactions.

On the other extreme is the very long-term celibates or retainers, who become rigidly fixed on that position. I do see such value in that position. I have been that. Though lately I have moved from that position, and felt such amazing benefit, at least so far.

Let us look at the potential benefits of ejaculation for a man, particularly when he gets all the other factors in alignment.

According to myself others, it is an extremely potent way to move stuck energies. I think this relates to the cascade of neurotransmitters and hormones that are released. It is a massive re-set. It can reclaim homeostasis. In doing so, it can dislodge stuck looping thoughts, attachments, and emotions. You can see them anew and let them go.

But what factors are needed to ensure that ejaculation is healthy for the man, that it is serving him?

One of the biggest factors is frequency. The Taoist tradition, concerned with health and spiritual awakening, suggest an ejaculation frequency. For men in their 20’s it is once per week. For men in their 30’s it is once per fortnight. Then as you move through the decades, you roughly halve the ejaculation frequency. Yet it is not set in stone, it depends on the man’s health, robustness, and constitution. Plus I recommend doing it even less than that; perhaps a half of quarter as often, or very occasionally.

There are other Taoist formulas for ejaculation frequency. One is by the seasons: 2-4 times per month in summer and spring, 2-4 times in fall, and not at all in winter. Also relationships have their seasons.

Another one they say is to ejaculate 20-30% (or less) of the times you have sex. Another Taoist master does it one in every one-hundred.

So why is frequency an important factor? Because ejaculation is very expensive. You lose a lot of vital nutrients, which the body must then re-stock. When you keep the stock full, your body can circulate those nutrients to improve your own brain and body instead. Beyond nutrition, this applies to Qi, the more esoteric and holistic energy system in The body. This is why long streaks of retention are so beneficial.

Here is the next huge factor to create wholesome ejaculation. Intention. It is vital to have very clear intention about what you want to shift, what you want to let go of. Honouring the practice in this way will then help you to moderate it’s frequency anyway. Then when you do the practice, maintain a solid heartspace and awareness.

There are several other factors to have in alignment for ejaculation. The Taoists say that when a man ejaculations while intoxicated, or with a full stomach, he is doubly injured. This makes sense to me. There is a balance point: sober and clear, not too starving for nutrients, not too overloaded in the gut, and why not throw in plenty of sleep. You want the body to be firing on all cylinders, to regenerate and recover after this expensive alchemy.

One more bonus factor: cultivation. If you come close to orgasm several times but instead breathe/move the vital energy up to the crown, you are being nourished by that qi before releasing it. Much better than pounding toward a quick climax. Myself and others can attest to the benefit of this.

So that sums it up. Ejaculation can be a very powerful release and reset in body, mind, and spirit. Yet it is expensive, so do it consciously, deliberately, lovingly, with other factors in alignment. And when you build up your streak in between, you have saved up the capital to make the expenditure.

With all this said, don’t rely on this every time a hard thing comes up (pun intended). You can shift energy in many more powerful and sustainable ways: move, breathe, meditate, journal, talk with friends, sing, dance, let it out. You got this.

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Thank you, and Namaste .

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