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Sat Nam. Truth Is My Name

Sat Nam. Sat= Truth. Nam= Name.

Truth is My Name.

This is one of my FAVOURITE Sanskrit Mantras ever. Repeat this during meditation. Sat Nam, Sat Nam. Truth is my name.

I love this mantra. Imagine it becoming alive within you. You are truth. Your very perception is truth. What this means to me, is to be in touch with truth with everywhere you go.

Everywhere I look, whether reading a book, having a conversation, or just existing in the moment... I see the Truth. No delusions are projected from inside me. I cling to no falsehood. My vision is that of pure truth. Pure enlightenment.

This mantra gears your intuition toward seeing truth. To see the truth of things is a great power. Whether it comes to what you should eat, how you should treat people, what goals are good for you, what steps lead to the goal... Any matter whatsoever, becomes much easier to deal with when you see the truth of everything; whether that truth be grand and epic or small and practical.

Sat Nam. Truth is My Name.

Namaste. Love and Light to the Fullest.

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