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Sex is Life- What is the Quality of Your Life?

I have come to see sex as an extremely powerful, creative energy. It should not be suppressed; it should be cultivated, in wholesome ways.

Our culture has created this bipolar shadow of sex, and the programming has affected us all.

On the one hand, religions have banished sex, calling it dirty, calling it sin.

Husband and wife would do the act with a tinge of guilt, constraint, which therefore constrained their freedom in love.

The great mystic Ramajuna has said that if you know what it’s like to be in love, you are only a few more steps from knowing God. They are similar, they are on the same ladder.

So on the one hand religion suppressed it, called it sin. On the other hand, sex leaks out of our culture in perverted ways. People are secretly obsessed with it. Hence the porn industry, advertising, music videos, ect. We glorify that which we are not supposed to enjoy.

But what if sex was consciously embraced, in every aspect of its beauty?

Sex is creative energy. We live for sex. Many worldy and creative pursuits are motivated by sex, at least in part. We want to be our best version, to shine bright, to achieve, for the sake of attaining sex.

A lotus flower blooming bright pink on a lake is a sexual act. It is erotic, it is creative, it is driven to sing its song. Sex inspires our own creativity, our own song and dance. And it is god-like creative in its bringing forth of new life.

So we should embrace and cultivate our sex. This is funny for me, after enjoying my celibacy streaks so much. Yet I have also enjoyed some utterly divine inspired sex as well.

What if we could cultivate our sex, so it fills us with health, vitality, healing, love, inspiration, transcendence? It’s a balance point. Not over-indulging to the point of it being dispersive, depleting us. Nor suppressing it and calling it dirty, parroting out-dated religious programs. Nor perverting it into base materialism and exploitation.

What if we cultivated sex in a way that is super heart based and magical?

What if we use sex to increase our energy, relax us, renew our spirit, without spilling over into the point of depletion?

And when single, how about instead of mourning our loneliness, we see the great opportunity to transmute all that extra energy into creating more of ourselves?

And what if we use it to create more synergy, more lubrication, with a partner whose life is perfectly aligned?

You must be willing to be single and celibate, in order to hold out for the highest quality sex. These are the two best places to be, in my opinion.

Mentak Chia says that sex can heal us and sex can harm us. STDs, pregnancy, emotional turmoil, holes in the auric field. Yet it can also empower us, revealing God and unconditional love.

So if you do have sex with a partner, choose very wisely.

And the Whole shall be my partner til then ;) .

Namaste <3

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