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Simple Method for Living in Flow

In this post I wish to share a great method/principe for finding flow-states often. If we can pull this off, we will be living “in the pocket” for most of our daily life. I will list three simple principles which stack on top of each other to create flow-states. You can use these principles at work and at play.

Principle 1: Pushing then Letting Go.

Sometimes also called “Pressure and release”. Pushing refers to the exertion of effort onto your task. “Letting go” refers to relaxation, finding contentment with whatever outcomes arise. One example: Freestyle rapping. You push yourself to keep the rhymes flowing while making an entertaining story. But then you “let go”, where you stop judging the story too harshly and just allow what comes out. This extra sense of “releasing” seems to open the floodgates to a little extra energy and creativity. But don’t let too much slack. You must keep trying. Always find that balance of pushing and letting go.

Principle 2: The Arc of Stimulation.

I first heard about the arc principle when becoming a yoga teacher. Each yoga class follows an arc, where the energy gradually increases, hits a peak, then comes back down to baseline. When you draw the arc it looks like a mountain. This principle can be applied to anything. Choose your activity, then allow for the arc of stimulation to progress over x amount of time. Apply the “pushing and releasing” principle to the arc activity, to help you build up energy and flow.

Another great benefit of using the arc, is it helps you consciously decide which task you will do, and then do it. This is the essence of living consciously. Making micro- decisions throughout the day is a hallmark of consciousness. The arc principle helps us decide on tasks.

Principle 3: Find contentment where you are.

The pressure and release principle, followed by the arc principle, is easiest applied when you are content in the moment. Contentment is like a foundation for clear decision-making and action. So find contentment, THEN act. Doing small meditations before action can help.

Bonus principle: Health is Helpful

It is easiest to apply conscious principles when the body is well and in harmony. Irritation on any level becomes a distraction. So do what helps you feel good, by dialling in the food, exercise, sleep, stress relief, and moderation which helps you feel good. Health is wealth. I still like to indulge in things sometimes (lol), but so long as you feel good day to day! That’s what matters.

I hope you enjoy these principles. Go win and prosper. Much love 🙂.

- Hardcore Yogi

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