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Something’s greatest strength is also it’s greatest weakness

Today I experienced a large amount of frustration. I had been working 6 days this week, 46 hours, then finally a day of spaciousness to do the creative and productive work I had been yearning for.

Then my morning routine got interrupted. Then technology faulted on my several times. I was trying to publish an article that I’ve been excited about, putting work into. Yet technology has interfered with it, again and again.

I went into massive anxiety. Massive anger. Rage. I nearly flipped out and threw my phone! But I didn’t. Having lived with this temperament long enough I know the remedies.

There was nothing more I could do but chuck on some music and go into an intense creative workout. Striking, squatting, pushing, pulling, Why not throw in some dance and arm balances. After my yoga cool down I felt balanced again.

Something’s greatest strength is also it’s greatest weakness. Often, every strength comes with a weakness attached. My weakness is anxiety and anger. My strength is vitality and vigour. Thankfully, I always treat other people well .

Unless you’re at the stage of Absolute Enlightenment, the pros and cons of our personality will reveal themselves.

There is great value in this. When you learn your weaknesses, you can learn how to pacify them. When you learn your strengths, you can double down on them, leverage them.

The saying “know thyself” comes from the Greek lineage. Yet Gautama himself said that the first step is to love yourself. He said love yourself first, and then know yourself. Be watchful.

Love yourself, all of yourself, without suppressing anything. Then be watchful. This is perhaps the first step of transformation.

When you can accept all of your parts, not resisting any, gives you the most bandwidth to shift things if you choose.

Namaste, with love .

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