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Spiral Dynamics- The 8 Levels of Consciousness and Human Development

Anyone into personal development, psychology, sociology, and spirituality may benefit from this info a heap.

I have been so intrigued and fascinated, studying the famous psychological/ spiritual model of Spiral Dynamics (Don Beck and Christopher Cowen).

Here I offer a brief and broad overview of these 8 stages of consciousness and human development. Which ones do you resonate with? Here is the one-line overview. More detail in video.

- Beige: Animalistic survival instincts.

- Purple: Tribalism

- Red: Egocentric hunger for power; violent and cut throat.

- Blue: Traditional societies: civil obedience, religious faith, dogma, regressive social values.

- Orange: Libertarian: personal gain, acquisition, material success, profit, progress, rationality.

- Green: Egalitarian, social and environmental conscience, community, heart centred, new-age spiritual ideology.

- Yellow: Systems thinker, philosopher, truth seeker, deep mental models.

- Turquoise: Mysticism and global collectivist. Holistic and systematic integration for the benefit of all.

In the vid I also provide some extra principles, including the limitations of each stage (except turquoise), and tips for integrating each stage as we move up.

You may notice some of the stages have similarities; Orange may seem similar to yellow, green may seem similar to turquoise, ect. I may create a follow up video called “Spiral Dynamics Stages: Similarities and Differences”. Yet this vid will illuminate some of them.

Extra credit goes to Leo from actualized.org. I have consumed roughly 4.5 hours of lectures from him on the topic of spiral dynamics. He gives a 90 min-2 hr lecture to overview the model, then additional lectures about EACH STAGE in depth. What I offer here is a shortcut, a 15 min overview.


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