• Hardcore Yogi

The Emptiness is Fullness. Mind Blown

The emptiness is fullness, and the fullness is emptiness. Mind blown. Ponder it as long as you need, lol.

Dwelling in all possibility is the place to be. When you sit in utter stillness, all possibility is open to you. The moment you move, you become limited, for you are confined in that one single move.

Then when you go back to utter stillness, all possibilities open once again.

The field of all possibility is both an emptiness and fullness. It is empty, because it is not being any given thing in particular. Yet it is fullness, for all possibilities exist within it.

This emptiness/stillness/field of all possibility, can be thought of as a metaphysical reality, yet can also be thought of as your own Self, when you are in stillness. What if I said they were the same thing?

Maybe this is what they mean when they say, “God is infinite, God is nothingness, God is You.

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