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The Infinite Spirit Is The Absolute Truth: Lessons and Reflections from a 24yo Yogi Mystic (lol)

“The Infinite Spirit is The Absolute Truth”. I found myself saying this over and over after a peak experience of Yoga, where I had a mystical experience and connection to God. I had a sense of God (The Infinite Spirit), all around me, within me, through me, ect. How would I describe God?

Before I go on to describe God, please note: at the end I explain how and why it is PRACTICAL to pursue an understanding of God. Below are some descriptions of what I have learned about God, through quite profound experiences and practices. I hope you enjoy this divine/spiritual reminder from my self to your self 🙂.

I would describe God as the whole field of reality, which is completely alive, conscious, intelligent, and creative... but not just that... it’s also INFINITE. Reality is an empty fertile void, and from there anything can be created. The universe is not only a field of energy, it is also a field of pure consciousness, and anything can be imagined in this pure consciousness, also called the mind of God. This corresponds to the Esoteric Hermetic Principle of Mentalism, which states that the universe is a giant mind, and everything that happens happens within this mind of God. Consciousness is primary and then matter is made within it. Yogis aim to connect with this pure consciousness, sometimes called Brahman, who is the pure consciousness of the whole universe.

But consciousness and energy are on equal footing, as they nudge forward Evolution. The book “Undeniable: How Biology confirms our intuition of intelligent design”, gives the scientific backing that all of evolution is very intelligent. Adaptions happen through insight, evolution is a conscious process.

The whole universe is alive and conscious on every level, as every possible form moves within the mind of god. The mind of God is infinitely creative, powerful, and intelligent. The mind of God is the Empty Field, and there is nothing that the field cannot be, as it is infinite pure Potential. There is nothing to limit it. It is not bound by laws of physics or space: physics and space as we know it are just one blip of possibility within the endlessly creative and infinitely intelligent mind of God, who plays games with itself by creating different forms and then experiencing them, even forgetting that he is God.

But God is not male or female. It is both and neither. This is because God (The One) creates many dichotomies and polarities, like inner outer, dark light, conscious not conscious, male female, close far, ect. Polarities are fundamental to reality: we can only recognise something in contrast to something else. Distinction and dichotomy is a basis for reality.

But beyond all distinctions there is the Absolute Reality, the birth place of all distinctions and all things... This is the infinite mind of God, which is formless, empty, completely void, but then all things arise in it. The essence of it is pure consciousness, watching and interacting with endless forms. And the layers of forms are intelligently designed and interconnected, from top to bottom.

Within the forms there is always energy and consciousness interacting. It is happening where you are right now, but also on every level of reality, from chemistry to your cells, to eco systems to galaxies, the whole of reality is a system of energy and consciousness interacting, extending out in a spiralling fractal pattern, emerging from the source which is the infinite God-Head Brahman, ie nothingness, pure consciousness, pure Potential, the mind of God.

Through Yoga or other means you can become directly conscious of God. You need no “proof”, you can see it directly. There are many ways to glimpse the Absolute Nature/Truth of Existence. Reality on face value can be deceptive. But through practices of mastering your energy, mind, focus and awareness, plus studying scriptures of mystical and modern wisdom, you can glimpse beyond your regular waking states of consciousness and glimpse the Absolute Truth of Existence, God.

Some practices for learning about and experiencing God include: Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Qigong, Meditation, Chanting and Sound, Fasting, Pilgramine, Plants, Reading Mystical and Modern Wisdom, and Reflecting.

The whole aim is to awaken to the miracle of life.

Spiritual growth can be slow and steady, but sometimes a certain practice will give you a peak mystical trance-state where you download this information from Infinite Intelligence. But then you come back down to earth, and maybe cannot sense the divine as strongly, but you remember what you experienced, what you learned and what you now Know. The aim is to bring those peak experiences of Truth into everyday life as much possible, while still living a healthy earthly existence, and integrating the two.

But how is this practical? It’s very practical. God is the source of all intelligence and energy. When you are connected with God and Infinite Spirit, when you really know what God is and you are conscious of God, you are in touch with a very strong source of intelligence and power, which can then unlock your own highest potentials of intelligence and power. You begin to channel God’s intelligence, as you interact with and impact your environment, just as God-Head is doing with every other form. But knowing God also allows you to live the “examined life”, and to have “awakened”, to now see the miracle and truth of nature, to appreciate reality while in this human life, instead of waiting until death to finally see life for what it is: A miracle.

Best of luck on the journey to awakening. Much Love.


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