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What I Have Learned: The Power of Humility

I have recently had some big realisations about humility. It was catalysed when someone very close to me, a lover in fact, spoke to me about my social media life.

“What is your persona?” She asked.

“Hardcore Yogi...”I began.

“But is that really you? I see the real you as someone who is very humble, inclusive, all about the substance. Not surrounded by all these chicks...”

Later when reflecting on those words, it struck me as a penetrating truth. A very deep one.

She is right. I do value humility, inclusiveness, substance.

In recent times, I have been occasionally co-opted by other particular friends, to build charades of status, prestige, materialistic social proof, and Image.

Image can be important for marketing. But I see humility as being the greater virtue.

I don’t want to have status and be “above people”. Such a paradigm is a barrier to connection. I don’t want status. I want humanity to be a legit community, equal, connected, contributing, helping, healing. Love and belonging. Masculine power junkies may barf at this. But it is the way of The Sage.

Another big benefit of humility, is that it can deepen one’s learning. It can lead to greater wisdom. When you have less focus on ego, you have more focus on the purest knowledge. Reading, writing, and reading some more, TRULLY sharing the best knowledge and giving full credit, takes precedence over manufacturing one’s status and gain. To have focus on knowledge, being a selfless sharer of wisdom, is so much more valuable.

And to be a healer, to provide space for people to vent their problems, and apply various modalities to help clean and clear their energy body, that is extremely valuable.

Status is a charade. I am all about substance. Humility is where it’s at.

I do still think certain teachings around body language, tone, and being autonomous in ones life and social settings can have a lot of value. Personal Power is a topic I have enjoyed unpacking to great detail.

Yet humility, humanity, CONNECTION, vulnerability,,that is the greatest source of value and health. Our suffering comes from selfishness. Healing comes from an open heart.

That’s it from me.

PS: I’ve also been having interesting insights around monogamy and polygamy in this chapter. While it’s just a glimpse, I feel that polygamy may tend to be associated with status seeking and self-preservation I’ve been there), whereas monogamy and love/depth tends to be more associated with humility, humanity, and service. Life ain’t black and white, yet maybe there are trends. This could be a whole other article, lol.

May we find the substance, and heal this planet through the humble synthesis of true knowledge. Nothing more and nothing less.

Sage Hood, here we come.

Love and Light. Namaste.

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