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What Is a Sage?

In my current understanding, a Sage is...

A spiritual man and intellectual man. He has deep intellectual knowledge, and deep understanding of Spiritual Truth. He expresses the epitome of left brain and right brain integration.

He reads books on EVERY subject. His mental models are rich and robust. But beyond reading, he integrates Holistic Health to the highest degree. His body and mind is perfect and pure, like a fresh water stream. Bliss flows through his being.

He may not be an expert in a scientific discipline. But he IS an expert in a totally different subject: Self Mastery. The capacity of Self Mastery does not come easily or naturally to the human being. It takes legitimate work. The Sage attains Self Mastery, through the study and practice of several fields: Emotional Mastery (or clearing), Meditation, Psychology, Self Reflection, Spirituality, and as mentioned, Holistic Health to the highest degree.

We all get triggered early in our lives, but with years of practicing these techniques, we gradually attain higher and higher degrees of Self Mastery. But what is Self Mastery? Let’s just call it the ability to respond, to ANY situation, with the highest grace and perfection. The skill is attained through reading relevant books, and integrating the teachings. The Sage can transform any trigger into a beautiful spiritual lesson. It comes down to seeing the truth of things. Falsehood and delusion causes our pain, while the Truth sets us free.

The Sage uses his Self Mastery, Intellectual Knowledge, and Enlightened Spiritual Health, for a grand yet practical purpose... To Serve Humanity. Yet it goes one step further... To serve all of Existence.

You may find a Sage giving his service in the following settings:

- Yoga Schools and Monk Monostaries.

- Spiritual and Personal Guidance, such as a Guru, Life Coach, or Councillor of any kind.

- Commenting on Social, Global, and Environmental problems, offering his UNIQUE insights with penetrating, holistic wisdom.

- The author of books.

- You may find him or her as a healer in alternative therapies, ranging from massage to reiki, from acupuncture to Herbalism.

- A Sage can exist in many occupations or roles. So long as he or she exhibits the ingredients of spiritual knowledge, intellectual knowledge, Self Mastery, Health, and Enlightenment.

To become a Sage, consider the analogy of becoming a world number 1 fighter. To ACTUALLY accomplish it, you need an “Absolute Commitment”. It is your only priority, and anything that doesn’t serve it will be left behind. Not out of self-constraint, but more out of purely positive focus on the single goal. All day every day, we must commit ourselves to our highest priority.

Here are some habits and practices of The Sage. These must be practiced for years, and in fact, for all of ones life, if one is to be a Sage.

- Intellectual Knowledge. One must read broadly on many different topics. I recommend reading 25 pages of a book per day for the rest of your life. This will allow you to read one book every fortnight, roughly speaking. This practice is the path to VERY deep knowledge and wisdom.

- Meditation and Consciousness Work. By combining the study of Spiritual/Metaphysical knowledge, PLUS dedicated daily meditation, one can achieve Peak States of Consciousness. In these states of heightened alertness, awareness, and calmness, we glimpse Metaphysical Truths DIRECTLY. Many Truths can be directly observed, but our mind must be in a very awake, creative, and peaceful state.

- Holistic Health Practices. For one, this includes exercise. It is necessary to do a Holistic Energetic Practice, such as Yoga or Qigong. In addition, one may swim, run, lift weights, or play sports... So long as you have time for intensive reading and meditation. Holistic Health also requires that every input into our body is pure health. Lastly on the list of health, we will include stress management practices, so that we are emotionally and mentally well.

- Receiving alternative healings can be very useful.

- Self Mastery, which means to regulate yourself perfectly, directing yourself toward the healthiest practices, attitudes, and energetic states throughout the day.

- Socialising and Community. Grooming beautiful close connections, all throughout your community, is necessary for brain health, mental health, and having the positive impact of a Sage.

Not everyone needs to become a Sage. This is because a Sage is there to help, heal, and counsel people from all walks of life. Whether or not your life path is literally to become a Sage, it remains that a Sage is right around the corner, whether on your city streets, in a book, or on the internet vis a Skype call. They are always there to help you overcome the obstacles in your life. Yet there is great power and love, great beauty, when you awaken the Sage-like qualities within you. Whether you are to be a Full-Time Sage or Part-Time Sage, the Spirit of the Sage is always alive and waiting. We may access it any time, through the public sages or your own inner guidance.

Sending Love and Light, Health and Healing, Truth Wisdom and Prosperity. May you awaken the perfection within.

Namaste. Om Shanti Shanti Om. Sat Nam. Truth is My Name.

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