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When Motives Transform

Updated: Jun 14

Get money, sex, and prestige. That was the unfiltered sentiment of my eighteen year old mind.

Throughout my journey in both hip hop music and physical training, I have experienced shifts in what drives me. Initially I was pulled by the base desires. Then the motive shifted to something higher. It was the joy of the craft, the flow state. Being creative and productive is one of the more subtle pleasures in life. Then I moved up to the most high. It was about connecting to something greater. Connecting with the community. Co-creating moments of heavenly inspiration, where the big-picture falls into place. I don’t judge these motives as right or wrong. They are all breadcrumbs on the same trail. In developmental psychology, each stage is built upon the last. You want to integrate the lower stage for all that its worth. If you demonize it, you create a shadow out of it. In that case congratulations, you have now segmented your human psyche. One of my mentors once said that we have three selves; our lower self which is petty, our middle self which is practical, and our higher self which is divinely inspired. You want to have all three of those parts aligned to the same goal. Then no matter what state you are in, you remain motivated on the path, whether its to prove the haters wrong, earn money for your family, or change people’s lives. It may seem ironic to pair an egotistical photo with a lofty message. How did this photo even come about? I was innocently filming myself on the gymnastics rings, gaining visual feedback of a technique. I then noticed the flattering lighting, so took a snap and here we are. Perhaps it shows the ego is still alive in me, even after such an egoless weekend at Pranafast. But I’m at peace with it all. If the ego is one of your troops, shouting out motivation on the march ahead, I say let him stay. So long as he knows who the General is. If you lock him up or burn him at the stake before his time, he will come back to haunt you. Let him gradually fade away. Eclipsed by the light of your path. Namaste. *** Personal plug- While deep in breathwork at Pranafest, I got a lightning bolt of clarity for my next niche and offering. It was overdue! I won’t give it away yet. Just know that my newest program is coming. And to explore my blog and music, head to http:/www.hardcoreyogi.com.

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