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Why Consistency Is The Only Key to Mastering Anything

When it comes to mastering a particular craft or just mastering life in general, I'm beginning to see that there is only one factor that really matters: Consistency. Other than that, no specific method, approach, or "secret" is fundamentally better than the rest.

When you embark on the path to mastery, you will cycle through MANY different methods, approaches, and world views which relate to your craft. What's an example of this? In the pursuit of health, you will cycle through many different diets. In the pursuit of skill, you will cycle through many different training methods and technical pointers. But what I'm saying is that no matter what you study, whether personal development or business, there is no ultimate teaching which trumps all the rest and short-circuits mastery. Rather, the only teaching which infallibly leads to success is the teaching of consistency. I believe this to be true because I have cycled through countless different teachings/methods/approaches for my crafts, and no one is better than the others. They all have different levels of effectiveness at different times of the day, week, month and year. Some of them cause a surge in progress, followed by a plateu. At that point a new approach will give you a new small burst of progress. But then that will one will wear off too. Every teaching and method has a finite shelf life. Although sometimes you can return to an old teaching and find its utility is renewed.

The bottom line here is that consistency is the common denominator to success and mastery. Through consistency, you get exposed to ALL the different teachings and practices of the field, each of which is moderately helpful. As you practice each method/approach, observe the result, and truly learn the teaching, you begin to cut and paste all the useful bits from every teaching, and re-configure them into your own teachings that make sense to you. Through sheer consistency and persistence, you literally wire your brain to be an embodiment of all the past knowledge and wisdom within that field. Your brain becomes a finely-tuned software program, automatically running the right programs of habits, cognition, and action each day. But the software is always being refined and upgraded, slowly but surely.

So in closing, there is no deeply powerful teaching which leads to success. No one has the master key. Rather, you must build your own house entirely from scratch. This house is the masterful you brain you aspire toward. Each teaching you learn is but a single brick, pipe, or ounce of clay. Consistency is the time you spend on the work-site. Good luck :) x

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