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Why I Chose to Be Celibate for 6 Months (minus one occasion)

For the last 6 months or so I have been largely celibate, except for one occasion within this time. I have gained immense benefit from this practice, and can see myself continuing it for a long time, perhaps indefinitely.

The reason I commenced this, was basically to make large gains in personal development, spiritual growth, and service to humanity. Lol, it sounds so grand, but that is why I did it.

Engaging in sexual relations can be very fun and even healing, but it burns up large amounts of time, energy, mental and emotional capital. When you stop focusing on sex, when it is no longer a priority of yours, it’s amazing how much extra energy and focus goes toward HIGH level things.

This especially becomes true when engaging in semen retention, thus helping you retain maximum vital energy and nutrient levels in the body. I can still retain this during sex for some period of time, but eventually I can’t help but release some of the energy, thus prolonging the love making.

But when you abstain from sex AND ejaculation, it not only frees up time and energy, but it creates a new kind of vibrational reality. In my experience, here are some of the enhancements I experience daily.

- Deeper mediation, which carries on into waking life. - More altered states and spiritual states, including when sober. - More time to read comprehensive materials, with efficient note taking and memory. I sometimes read 90 mins per day. - More sexual energy, which translates into more refined yoga, exercise, and even vocal practice. - General mental and emotional balance, and universal love.

Does having sex stop these things from occurring in our life? Not at all. However, abstaining will BOOST the amount of creative energy which FUELS the above experiences. Undiluted by sexual distraction and semen waste, much more of our energy can go toward these highest consciousness pursuits.

The ultimate pleasures and joys come from the self-Actualized and self-Realized life.

When you are filled to the brim with vital energy and pure consciousness, you are a full cup. Every activity and every field of study becomes completely fascinating and relevant. Every action is a joy.

Your greatest joy comes from being on the cutting edge, discovering the secrets to help humanity awaken and sustain a just and free civilization.

While no individual will have all the answers, we can do our best to play our part, gaining all the answers available to us from our current vantage point.

Will I ever be intimate again? I am open to it, but only if the girl and I live up the following criteria

- The intimate connection we share somehow provides MORE than what I gain from being celibate. The relationship would need to give some additional profound benefit which supercedes my celibacy and retention efforts. For 99.9% of cases I doubt this would happen. - Reproduction. I would consider doing it for reproduction. Myself and the woman would have to be VERY in allignment with our values, and while we may not promise a relationship forever, we can at least promise to treat each other right and the kid right, whether we are single or still together.

That is basically it. I’m open to trying intimacy again if either it was providing something incredibly good beyond regular intimacies, or if it was just to have a kid, which would be a decade or more down the road for me.

I do sometimes miss it, but I gain so much from this that is becomes easy!

This sums up my current view on intimacy and the benefits of semen retention. If this has piqued your interest, set yourself a challenge of just two weeks or a month! Start small and see where it goes. Once you’ve tried it, you will know the options.

This isn’t for everyone, but could be a great fit for those who are hardcore on the path to personal development and awakening. Celibacy is an epic spiritual technique.

Whatever you do, I hope you derive great meaning and satisfaction from life as you strive to develop and awaken.


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