• Hardcore Yogi

Yoga, Opening Chakras, and Enlightenment

When all the chakras are open, there is not a problem in the world. You are empty of all attachments, and full of cosmic energy. An expression of divinity, here to give its unique gifts in service of the whole. Awake and aware, effortless motivation, Truth is all you can perceive. Haha, this is not a perpetual state, but a peak state and beautiful state.

The fire of movement, the cooling air of breath, mantra repeated with devotion, are the tools to cleanse the body and mind of all impurities. When the body and mind is clear, happiness and enlightenment is a natural state. Toxins and ego, conditioned reactions, they may re-enter soon enough... But we can always clean it out, returning to our ideal state.

Wishing you happiness and wholeness on the path of yoga. Namaste.

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